Sunday, 10 June 2012

Having spent a very wet and windy week off work baking and reading baking blogs I decided to set up my own so I could join in with a couple of challenges I have read about.

I borrowed the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book from a friend and Abi and I baked two batches of cupcakes from it.  Vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting - these were heavily decorated with silver balls, sugar flowers, jelly sweets and hundreds and thousands

and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting - decorated with sugar paste shapes and silver balls

I also made Chocolate Whoopee Pies but unfortunately the camera battery had died and by the time it had recharged I had given a lot away and eaten the good ones.  The only ones left were a bit squashed.  They were very lovely though and I will definitely make them again, if only to get my moneys worth out of the two tins I bought over a year ago and have only just used.  I managed to find the Marshmallow Fluff needed for the topping on Amazon and it was delivered extremely quickly considering the long bank holiday.

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